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Hi there. My name's Ajmal Areeb Ishaq, an undergraduate student studying film and animation at Birmingham City University.


My childhood was not considered to be great, but it was all thanks to my creative imagination and determination that brought me to this very time. At such a young age, I have always thought of how magical cartoons were. I began drawing a lot: escalating into making 3D paper model of characters based on Sonic The Hedgehog - to making large city sculptures which my dear siblings kept on destroying...pests.


Around 14 years of age, I was introduce to a different medium, music. Of course, I was a rapper wannabe making lyrics to grime music. I continued with music even from when I started Stafford College pursuing my Media Studies. While I was music crazy, I discreetly continued with my art and design aspects creating short comics, stories, and man did I designed so many characters. Film production also started to become one of my core interests while I was in my College years.


The last year of Collage, I wondered "How can I turn my drawings into life?". It was that time I started learning how to animate.


I'm a lad that just want to do all the creative stuff out there, but I have to stay realistic to the road I have to take. I continue to challenge any obstacle thrown at me, develop my creative initiative, and working more on my specialized mediums.