This video is me. It is how I feel at the moment. Basically, we don't have an identity because we keep on changing our attitudes and personality every day.


We improve on how we live and we learn every day from different people experiences.

Stafford College - Official Open Evening


During my final year of Stafford College, I volunteered to he makings of an Open Evening video for Stafford College.


The shot lists and locations were planned by the staff, but three students including myself went out to get some shots and interviews in the College Open Evening.


As all the shots were completed, the music department produce the music, then I had to edit the whole footage on Adobe Premier Pro.

The Studios - Stafford College


Back in Stafford College, I have created a promotional video that is to promote Stafford College Media, Music, and Performing Arts department.


We had to plan the shot lists, storyboards, equipment bookings and negotiate the interviewers when they're able to be interviewed for the video.